Interview with Timea Majorava by John Romano January 28, 2008 13:41

MD: Timea, first of all, how the hell do you pronounce your last name?
TM: It’s easy! Majorova- Maj-or-ovah. In Spanish… Mah-or-ova!

MD: But you’re not Latin!
TM: No, but I thought I’d just give it to you both ways!

MD: OK, fair enough. MD is also published in Latin America. We need your vital stats: height, weight, measurements and birth sign.
TM: I’m 5’8 (I’m a tall chick man!), 130 pounds; my measurements are : 36-25-35 and I’m a libra. In the Chinese zodiac, I’m a tiger, baby!

MD: I have news for you; you’re a tiger in America, too! Where are you from?
TM: I was born in Zeliezovce, Slovakia. My father is Hungarian; he is a teacher. My mom is Slovakian and Russian. I studied in a Hungarian grammar school and then I moved to Bratislava and studied at a Slovakian medical school to become a physical therapist.

MD: How did you get to this industry?
TM: I flew! Ha ha….no, my boyfriend at the time….he was a bodybuilder and he motivated me. He was the only one who did, because no one knew what this was. But my mom was always behind me. So, the boyfriend encouraged me to dabble with free weights and aerobics for the first time. In addition, I entered the fashion and beauty world. I also won a beauty contest and pursued some modeling opportunities and I discovered that I did not enjoy it as much as fitness training. I entered my very first contest, the 1994 Ms. Slovakia Fitness, where I finished second. The following year I returned and won the event, which led me to a regular role on a highly rated Slovakian fitness program. In 1996/97, I came in second in the Ms. Slovakia Fitness. Following this contest, I moved to Los Angeles to represent Slovakia in the European Championships. I became the champion in this field and went on to win the 1997 Amateur World Championships!

MD: When you first came to the United States, what did you do?
TM: I got a contract right away with Iron-Tek. I learned English in six months and then started training people. Now my husband and I have a gym. It’s called Pro Gym.

MD: What do you think is the best way to keep your man happy?
TM: First, you have to have good energy and laugh a lot! Change into beautiful outfits very often, stay pretty and beautiful. I think it is very sexy if you have good energy and fell good about yourself. It is very important to be happy and do different things. I’m very adventurous!

MD: Oh, really? What do you….never mind…what is the best way to seduce a woman?
TM: It’s important for the guy to be himself. I have great intuition and it turns me off right away when someone is being phony. Everyone has something special. Show me who you are make me laugh and feel special. Just be honest! I think that’s very sexy. It’s a turnoff to try too hard. You can ask me to dinner or to Disneyland - it doesn’t matter, just be real.

MD: What’s better than a cigarette after sex?
TM: Kissing!

MD: Who has more hang-ups about sex, Europeans or Americans?
TM: Europeans are more liberal. Here, everything is a big deal; I can’t even take my top off at the beach without causing trouble.

MD: Yeah, I’ll bet! Who do you think has more sex, Europeans or Americans?
TM: Europeans! Maybe I shouldn’t say that?

MD: You can say whatever you want! What do you think you would be doing now if you weren’t doing what you’re doing?
TM: I wouldn’t be in Slovakia, I know that. I love traveling. Maybe something in travel –a flight attendant? I don’t know. I love meeting new people and doing new things. I love dancing, too. Maybe I would be a dancer. I’m just a fanatic about sports, so maybe another sport.

MD: What was your most embarrassing moment?
TM: At one of my first competitions in Europe, I was an Indian. And it took forever to make the costume and it was too tight and the top fell off during the competition! My breasts were much smaller back then, so it was very easy for me to cover up (giggles).

MD: What kind of jobs did you have before you became a world-famous fitness model?
TM: All kinds! I was selling jeans in Europe. I worked for a lawyer. I worked in a hospital as a therapist and here in America as a personal trainer.

MD: What’s your favorite cheat meal?
TM: Ice Cream hot fudge sundae or crepes-Nutella crepes-so good!

MD: What are your future plans?
TM: I’m working on a workout clothing line. I’d like to write a book about my life story. I get a lot of mail from girls in my country about how I got here. I love kids! I want kids soon!

MD: What’s the last impression you’d like to leave our readers with?
TM: People think I have all this glamour, but I really work hard. I came here with nothing. I train hard and train others. It’s not as glamorous as it looks-it’s really hard work.