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5 Hauntingly Hot Halloween Costumes of 2016 August 29, 2016 17:14

Halloween is coming up on us in a hurry, so it’s just about time to pick out this year’s outfit. But with so many choices out there this year, it’s hard to nail down the right Halloween costume! Do you go sexy or stylish? Vintage or modern? There’s a slew of questions that you have to answer before you can properly decide on the right choice. That’s why we’re here to help guide you to the hottest trends for Halloween this year. We’ve gone through the research, tracked out the trends, and we’ve nailed down the 5 best Halloween costumes for 2016.
Mermaids made a splash a couple of decades back with the release of the Little Mermaid, but because of Disney and Pixar’s continued success along with vintage trends coming back in style, the mermaid trend has been coming back with a vengeance. But this isn’t your childhood Ariel costume we’re talking about. Something sexy is in order this year to break you away from your youth and into your prime, such as a mermaid print bikini top with a matching shorts or even a long leg version to really wow at any party this year!

Super Heroes and super villains, have never been hotter with the release of movies such as Suicide Squad, Deadpool, and Captain America: Civil War, so it just makes sense that the superhero trend is going to be hotter than ever! Although Batman, Superman, and Iron Man costumes will be seen all over the place on October 31st, that doesn’t mean all you ladies can’t join in on all the fun. In fact, with options from do-gooders like Wonder Woman and Superwoman along with evil-doers like Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and more, it looks like women are finally going to get the better end of the deal this year on the comic book trend this year!

Avast, ye mateys! Pirates are taking over this Halloween with the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean reviving the trend. Expect Jack Sparrow to be walking around nearly every party or bar you stroll into, with deckhands and first mates everywhere. And with costumes and accessories that have truly stepped up their game from years past, including stylish brocade hats and jackets, puffy shirts, and gorgeously detailed plastic swords.
Native American costumes have become increasingly popular among women lately, especially in the rave and EDM world. This increased popularity has resulted in a massive demand for more detailed and culturally accurate costumes and accessories such as feathered headdresses, head bands, beaded necklaces, and more. While these costumes can certainly be sexy and stylish, with Pocahontas and Sitting Bull becoming all the rage, keep in mind the cultural nature of these outfits and ensure your costume is a hit while also being inoffensive.

Finally, what’s better than the classic Sexy Nurse Halloween costume? This trend is so popular and so stylish it may never die out! And because of its long run of success throughout the years, there are tons of styles to choose from! From short skirts and long stockings, to the classic Candy Stripper outfit, going as the quintessential sexy nurse is always safe yet sexy option for anyone!

No matter where you may roam this Halloween, you can never go wrong with any one of these five options to make sure this hauntingly fantastic holiday is as fun as possible. Whether you’re heading out on the town to party it up, trying to win a Halloween costume contest, or just spending it with some close friends at a house party, these hot trends are guaranteed to turn some heads and ensure you’re on top of the most current trends of this season. The only question remaining is which costume will you go for?

Six Rave Fashion Trends You Need to Know July 13, 2016 15:55

Dizzying, trippy, sexy, or downright odd; there are a slew of different ways one can perceive modern rave fashion wear or club wear, but with so much stimulation going on in this segment of the fashion industry, it makes sense that it can all become rather confusing for anyone trying to throw together the perfect ensemble. It seems this world filled with dancing until the sun comes up, light shows, and music that will make anyone move their body to the beat is rather convoluted at times. Do you wear lingerie with an Indian Headdress, or a sexy mesh bodysuit? Well we’ve got all the answers you need for the 2016 season for sexy club wear with six simple tips on what to wear for any night out in the club.
From pasties to crop tops with alien decorative print design patterns, the alien design trend is most definitely as hot as it’s been in years past and for good reason. When we hit the dance floor in the club or at a rave, we want our outfits to match out mindset, so when you’re having an out of this world time you have to dress the part. It may sound a bit cliché, but this style is really to tell the world that we’re not alone in the universe, making this a quintessential part of the rave community, and thus a staple in rave fashion trends for 2016.
Mesh is also a hot ticket item throughout many facets of the fashion world as of late and there’s no sign of it slowing down any time soon. Mesh bodysuits, shirts, leggings, and even shoes are all over the place and rave and house festivals all over the world right now. Mesh has a certain sex appeal and versatility that allows you to make a mesh piece your main focus point or a good base for a more complex outfit. Want freedom and comfortability? Then try out a see through mesh dress. Want to cover up a bit more, use the same mesh dress with a sexy string bikini underneath matched with a set of leg straps. In any case, you simply can’t go wrong with mesh.
Sexy, stylish, and comfortable is the calling card of the sexy skirt. This formidable sexy rave fashion essential allows you to dance all night at any club or rave while making sure you don’t overheat throughout the night. With skirts, the possibilities to customize and complete your perfect outfit is nearly endless. Vinyl see through neon skirts are perfect if you’re trying to be bold, brash, and colorful. Short pleated schoolgirl skirts allow you to try on a sexy yet more muted outfit. At the end of the day, a skirt is simply essential in terms of versatility and comfortability at any afterhours club.

One of the hottest trends in the rave fashion world right now is leg warmers. Yes, these stylish accessories that decades ago were all the rage with moms everywhere as they watched 80s TV workout shows is back with a vengeance. But rather than stealing a bland old pair of your Moms dirty dancers, it will be worth your while to upgrade your outfit with a wild and colorful modern pair of your own! With eccentric new colors and designs to choose from, one of the most popular styles of leg warmers in the rave fashion scene today are called Fluffies. Each pair features eye-catching colors, patterns and designs that run throughout faux fur material that allows you to wear whichever pair of shoes or boots you decide on underneath them to fit your comfort needs. It’s truly versatile, and only expands your possibilities while matching and pairing up the rest of your outfit. You’d truly be hard pressed to go to a club and not see a few partygoers rocking a colorful set of fluffies.
Crazy light displays and shows at afterhours clubs entrance and enchant throughout the entire evening, but don’t you ever wish you can BECOME part of the act? That’s what millions of people just like yourself have wondered in recent years, and finally your vision can become reality! The rave fashion industry has been on the forefront of encouraging LED bras, shirts, gloves, legging, and more, all of which add the much desired personal flare in each concert everyone craves. This isn’t just a fashion trend either; it’s pure performance art when thousands come together to light up the night together!

Finally, here’s a big “no-no,” to leave you with: it’s always nice to dress up in high end designer clothes if you’re hitting a swanky cocktail party or more refined after hours lounge, but in the rave subculture, it’s best to leave the Armani tie on the door. Designer fashion has found its way on the outs in recent years with more and more partygoers preferring to go with fabrics and clothing that allow for easier movement in flexibility while showing off their moves in a large crowd. Not only that, but with drinks flying all over the place, sweat pouring down your face, and people bumping into you the entire night, you’re most likely going to ruin whatever pricey piece you’re wearing. Take it from a pro, leave the high end fashion behind.
At the end of the day, modern rave fashion is ever-changing. This iconic subculture has seen baggy jeans, parachute pants, frosted tips, and a whole lot more throughout the years, but as the calendar continues to turn, more provocative and head turning trends have continued to emerge, with a few remaining for years on end. From sexy skirts to alien print designs, it’s always fun to try and experiment with new and exciting outfits that will be sure to turn heads, and with these simple fashion tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect ensemble for your next wild night out.

Sexy Bridal Lingerie in time for Wedding Season May 08, 2016 13:30

Wedding season is here, and we at Musotica believe that in order to insure the flame between you and your groom never dies, it needs to be stoked and fanned. What better way to build that fire than with some red hot sexy wedding night lingerie. Set the tone with a subtle and seductive set or take a stroll on the wild and racy side.

Lingerie also makes for an excellent gift if you don't happen to be the lucky one walking down the aisle. If you are indeed the bride, a sexy lace lingerie themed photo album is also a great idea for the groom and is sure to get him excited and losing his mind with anticipation.

He knows you're beautiful and a keeper obviously, make sure he never forgets by surprising and scintillating in Sexy sheer bridal lingerie for your big day.








Oksana Grishina Stuns In Fit By M February 23, 2016 22:36

Oksana Grishina, the winner of Miss Olympia Competition has been competing for years and is a true inspiration for our Fit By M line as she not only wears our Fitness wear, she has wisdom and inspiration for all people pursuing fitness goals.

Oksana says, “After 12 years of gymnastic competitions and 6 years of fitness competitions, I still feel compelled to try to improve as an athlete... to do better, to be better.”

No matter what level you are at in your fitness journey there's always room to grow. From the top body builder in the world, to some one who's just starting out at the gym. When focusing on your goals keep in mind you will always be going for the next level, that's what gets you to the top and keeps you there. Oksana Grishina is living proof of that fact.

Oksana Grishina

When you wear your fitness gear with confidence and a clear goal in mind you can achieve what ever it is you wish to achieve. From world class competitors to a woman who wants to lose a few pounds at the gym, every one has goals and levels they want to reach. It's a reminder we must wear in every article of fitness clothing we wear. As much as fitness gear is comfortable and supportive, so much so it has a reputation to be worn as casual wear, there's no excuse for not showing up at the gym and working hard.

Enjoy your fitness journey, take care of yourself, and look sexy in everything you wear.

Vegas Vacation Must Haves February 08, 2016 23:11

It's pool season at Vegas soon which means you have to know what you're going to be wearing poolside this season. What will make you stand out this year? It's more than just a bikini that will make you stand out by the refreshing pool, it's a refreshing take on a bikini that will rock your look. Why settle when you can have the best?

 London-based swimwear designer Anna Laub in an article for Allure Magazine said that, “Triangle tops look best on a small bust; if yours is bigger, try something with straps and underwire. It's counter intuitive, but padding is great for large breasts because it provides support. Halter tops work for everyone, as long as there's enough coverage—check from all angles.”

Wonder Woman Bikini

A great way to find every type top for every type of woman is on! The selection is full of unique selections.

Another way to find the best type of bathing suit for you is looking at what your favorite celebrities have been wearing. What better way to dress up than to look at today's style Icons! In a People Magazine article Kendall Jenner was seen wearing our great countries flag as they said, “Show pride in your country with a patriotic suit like Kendall Jenner’s all-American tiny two-piece...”

When you aren't bathing by the pool be sure to be ready for the night life. From floor length dresses to cute club outfits, it's time to express yourself. Vegas is about individual style. Come in with a full look from day by the pool, to night out on the town. The bright lights won't shine as bright as you do.

What happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas so get ready for the time of your life!

Be Your Own Valentine January 12, 2016 00:00

Some years a girl ends up single. Whether it's by choice or circumstance Valentines can be an uncomfortable time of year for a lot of people. So if you find yourself alone this Valentines, don't let it get you down. This is a time to celebrate your love for yourself. At the end of the day you are the one person you will always live with. So treat yourself the way you wish to be treated.
Treat Yourself

It's time to take count of your blessings and celebrate the woman you've become. Every curve, every muscle, every memory, you have earned. You don't need a man defining your worth. Love yourself for you. It's time to stop waiting for a reason to get yourself a sexy negligee or sultry robe.
Sexy Negliget
Robe Or Dress

It's a funny thing that the moment you stop looking for love is the moment you find it. You always have had it in yourself. There is nothing wrong with dressing up and giving yourself a romantic evening this Valentines season. If you own your body in something sexy and appreciate who you are it's hard for other people not to notice the radiant person you are.
Musically You

We were fed the idea that there's a prince charming out there, perhaps there is but he's not worth waiting for. Instead of looking for some one to tell you you're pretty, prove it to yourself. There's such a hug selection of sexy negligees that speak to every different person (Check out for ideas).

So buy yourself a bottle of wine, a sexy pair of panties, and give yourself the most romantic date you can think of, no one knows what you like better than you!

New Year, New You November 30, 2015 00:15

The new year brings in a new lifestyle. It's a time to leave out the old and tired and bring in the new and inspired. Musotica would like to invite you to bring your best in a sweet new set of Fit By M fitness apparel. There is nothing more fresh than discarding your sweaty old sweats and upgrading to some fresh fit pants, shorts, or tops. Not only does Musotica offer a wide selection of apparel but in a variety of styles.








Instead of buying a new pair of heels, get yourself a new fitness outfit. Dana Miller, the fashion editor for The Muse put it best in her article on the “Psychological Affects of Dressing Well, saying, ” Style is more than just a material object or an idea, it’s a way of life, affecting not only your psyche but those surrounding you. So, maybe second guess next time you want to dress “slump” and instead dress for success.

According to the American Psychology Association when executing a New Years Resolution one should, “Make resolutions that you think you can keep. If, for example, your aim is to exercise more frequently, schedule three or four days a week at the gym instead of seven. If you would like to eat healthier, try replacing dessert with something else you enjoy, like fruit or yogurt, instead of seeing your diet as a form of punishment.”

Heart PantsInstead of going to a big box store, aim for individual, unique, and styled for the stars. When Fit By M was created it was the brain child of Celebrity Stylist Sarah Wallner, Wallner's credits include Covers for Fitness, Oxygen, Esquire, Guess, Playboy, and many other publications. When looking for an upgrade for your New Year and new self, making sure your clothes are consciously picked by the best gives you an excellent opportunity to shine brighter than you could have imagined.

Sarah Wallner started on her own personal fitness journey which inspired her to create a fitness line that reflects her own values, Wallner says,
I want this line to be available to women of different shapes and sizes... Feeling confident in my gym work-out apparel made me motivated to work harder towards my own fitness goals”.
Fit Gear
This years apparel features fun flirty patterns and cuts. The Fit By M line has a sister line of Limited By M. Limited By M is inspired by the men and women of the military that make our country safe and free. The pieces feature genuine digital camo that can be seen on actual service men and women. With and intrepid spirit Fit By M wants to bring you into the New Year, healthy, happy, and well dressed.

Accessorize Like A Holiday Diva November 25, 2015 10:27

The Holidays are happening and you have to be sure to have a sexy costume with all the right stuff. Whether you wish to out-weather the weather or ride a sleigh far away having the right hats, stockings, legwarmers, or bootcuffs. It all comes down to choosing what's right for you. You can take the traditional and make it more modern and fun.
Black and red hat
This season has been all about taking the classic red and white colors and giving them a run for their money with black and reds and greens and reds. Whether you're getting a sexy santa cap or boot cover, you can be sure to enjoy spicing things up with some richer darker tones.
Shorts black and red
When it comes to the outfit you wear, why be basic, bells are jingling and there's nothing but fun to be had with a fluffy petticoat with bell adornments. The Holidays are really the season to get playful, sexy, and surprise yourself or somone special with something unique, interesting, and accessorized like the best of them, we can all take a little inspiration from stars like Paris Hilton, Taylor Swift, or Katy Perry.
Black Boot covers
Happy Holidays!

Musotica's New Holiday Lingerie November 22, 2015 18:32

This season Musotica is releasing a new line of Holiday Lingerie. There's no denying when it gets cold the bedroom gets warmer. One way to heat things up is a new sexy negligee set, that's why Musotica is proud to present a new line of lingerie. From lacy underthings to kinky chains designed for your desires, there's a lot of new innovations in this years line

Sarah Wallner, Musotica CEO and celebrity stylist says, “There's nothing more fun than dressing up for your spouse. That's why I've been looking at what styles are in this season. There's no denying eyelash lace. The soft wispy sheer look creates a romantic look that is enticing and playful.”

Eyelash Lace

Another exciting trend in the new line of Musotica Lingerie is the use of chains to supplement the mystique and style of the designs. The way the chains drape down the wearer are not only flattering to the figure but create the look of an ethereal mistress of seduction. 

Wallner says, “Every wearer deserves to look and feel their sexiest. The Holidays are an excellent time to treat some one you love. It could be you or someone else. That's why we have a selection ranging from sensual to kinky. I like to think everyone can express who they are with our Holiday Lingerie line.”


Sarah Wallner and her team are always on the lookout for the hottest trends and this winter the looks are sensual, sexy, and playful. The quality, craft, and attention to detail is what defines Musotica's Lingerie Line. Wallner says, “It's beyond a simple negligee, it stands for who you are and there is nothing sexier than a woman being a full expression of herself.”

From sheer fabric, lace, satin, and fierce Venice appliques this seasons Lingerie look is romantic, naughty, and very very sexy.

Musotica's Holiday is Here November 17, 2015 22:00

Tis the season to be jolly so deck the halls and be happy. You can light up the night in a sexy Holiday themed costume. If you dress as a sexy Santa there's no telling what sort of cheer you can spread. That's why Musotica has an exciting line of Holiday Costumes.

Every Holiday has it's motif. Whether it's the outfits, the songs, or the decor you will find a specific look that is attached to the time of year there's always a theme. This year it's all about naughty or nice. With Musotica's selection of Black and Red selling out there's no question people are feeling a little naughty.

Coming in for the “nice” side, traditional colors like green and red are giving a certain spice to the classic santa and company costumes. With the details of bold black belts there's a rekindling of traditional clothes in a new sexy way.

Musotica's Katy Perry SuitMusotica Snowman Suit

Every year pop stars like Katy Perry light up the stage with exciting and sexy costumes. Who can forget her mini dress outfit or her playful snowman costumes? Naughty or nice, this Holiday be the light that makes the night bright.

Twill the night before Christmas and you will be dressed up in the best a Holiday season can offer.



Sold Out